Ten - Stowaway

The Colour of a Rose - Journey's End epilogue

Title: The Colour of a Rose - Journey's End epilogue
Characters: Ten, Ten/Rose
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: Do not own, nor do for monetary gain.  Purely imaginative pleasure.
Spoilers: Only if you haven't seen the entirety of S4
Summary: Never rule out the impossible.
Beta: Many thanks to nightrider101 
A/N: It's been two years since I wrote the epilogue to The Colour of a Rose.  Having mulled over S4 and still not quite settled with RTD's script, this little addition wouldn't be quite.   Forgive my artistic license with his ending.


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Teardrops - drabble

Title: Teardrops
Characters: Jack/Ten
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: Do not own, will put back in the sandbox
Summary: Time Lord's can't always hide their emotions.
A/N: It rained for a few hours this morning, not nearly enough for Seattle.  Will be happy to trade sun for rain, need at least 40days and 40nights.

Jack knew he’d find the Time Lord out in the rain, standing with feet set wide and staring upwards in a stance that seemed to defy the very elements pouring down around him.


It wasn’t until Jack took those few steps outside the TARDIS to join him, that he understood the real reason behind the Doctor’s fascination with the rain.


Appearing unaware of Jack’s scrutiny, as his once wild hair was tamed against his brow, and soaked clothes clung to his lithe figure, he allowed himself a moment of freedom.


To mourn all he’d lost in his past and future.


CIKH Universe

Cruises - drabble

Title: Cruises
Characters: Ten/Master (CIKH Universe)
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: I only claim the CIKH Universe as mine, all likenesses of any licensed or copyrighted materials are purely imaginary.
Summary: Taking a Holiday.
A/N: Gordon Lightfoot's - The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is the source for the final reference contained within. Hopefully the other two are self explanatory.

"Do you need navigational lessons?"


"What are you saying?"


"Next time, I pick the location."


"I take you to the ends of the Universe, and this is the thanks I get?"


"You didn't take me to the ends of the Universe, you took me on cruises.  The first sank like a rock after hitting an iceberg, the second was full of foul smelling creatures and it continually rained, and the third—"


"Right, you pick the next location, go on, go ahead.  Let's see if you do any better."


"The Edmund Fitzgerald.  Had a nice ring to it."


"Keep paddling."


cikh universe

Silence - drabble

Title: Silence
Characters: Ten/Master (CIKH Universe)
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: I only claim the CIKH Universe as mine, all likenesses of any licensed or copyrighted materials are purely imaginary.
Summary: The Master has discovered a weak spot...

"Admit it; this is childish, even for you. Ri-ight, the silent treatment.  You could at least nod.  You don't have to speak to do that, or is that part of your dastardly plan?  The cold elbow treatment?  Na-ah, that doesn't sound right, cold feet, cold hands – no wait, that's warm heart and yours is three sizes too small.  Ah-hah!  I knew you were listening, you just looked up at me, well not exactly looked, more of a leer.  Stop that.  You know…that.  That squinty-eyed, I told you so look, – exactly, that's the one.  *sniff* Okay, so, maybe you were right." 


jack/ten cuddles

Repeat Performance - drabble

Title: Repeat Performance
Characters: Ten/Jack
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: Do not own, nor make any $ from
Summary: Beating around the bush...

"Third planet this week with four suns orbiting overhead."




"I said—"


"I heard, I heard.  No need to repeat yourself, nothing wrong with my hearing.  Absolutely nothing.  Odd, that.  Four suns again, do you see them?  Remind me to check the navigational computer's circuitry."


"And your hearing."


"Did you say something?"




"Oh wonderful—look.  They've got those little umbrellas too.  I love those little umbrellas they put in the drinks."


"I think the heat's getting to you, Doc.  We're travelling in circles."


"Are we?"


"Either that, or you could have just asked for a repeat performance."




jack/ten cuddles

Golden Threads - drabble

Title: Golden Threads
Pairing: Jack/Ten
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: not mine, nor will I claim them to be
Summary: Immortality has changed the dynamics between Jack and the Doctor
A/N: A drabble written for one of nightrider101 's favorite pairings for her birthday celebration.  Hope you're having a wonderful day my friend.

Numerous threads of pale gold stretching and weaving outwards into infinity was how he witnessed the strands of time playing out before him.


A tapestry of immense proportions, susceptible to the smallest twists that could render it beautiful or leave it tattered like so many rags floating in the winds.


He'd spent his life trying to unravel the tangles he'd stumbled across; a meager attempt at creating order out of chaos.


The years had worn away at him, leaving him homeless and alone.


As Jack's hand slipped into his, the dim strands brightened in the darkness.


There was still hope.


CIKH Universe

Not Always What It Seems - drabble

Title : Not Always What It Seems
Pairing: Ten-Master, CIKH Universe
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: still too broke to own
Summary: Things are slightly different in this universe...
A/N: Written for nightrider101  - Happy Birthday

"What are you waiting for?"


"I'm waiting for the right moment, if you really must know."


"If you wait too long, we're talking Armageddon, complete with flash, bang, BOOM!"


"Don't be so dramatic.  You always were one to over-exaggerate."


"Maybe you should put your glasses on and then you'd realize I'm not just stating the obvious?"


"Torchwood wouldn't send something that would obliterate the earth, would they?  And I think you're forgetting something."


"Yeah, to have invented teleportation."


"No, no, no.  It's my birthday.  Nine-hundred and four.  Thoughtful of them to remember."


"You're forgetting."




"They're MY Torchwood."