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Apprehensions - Drabble

Title: Apprehensions
Characters: Ten/Master CIKH Universe
Rating: pg
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: make no money from this and claim only my imagination


"I said left at the last alley, left," shouted the Doctor, his footsteps echoing loudly in the dead-end alley.


The Master bent over trying to catch his breath. "I did turn left," he snarled between gasps.


"No, no, no," objected the Doctor, running a hand through his unruly hair while turning in the alley with a look of utter confusion. "This isn't right."


"You said left," the Master hastily pointed out, pulling the Doctor into a doorway as shouts neared. "Perhaps we should have stopped and asked directions?" he added with sarcasm.


"But that's exactly where I left the TARDIS."



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Mar. 11th, 2010 10:52 pm (UTC)
This still wins! :D

I have to point out these lines again because they made me laugh out loud.

"This isn't right."

"You said left," the Master hastily pointed out

I'm thrilled you decided to post!
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