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A CIKH Christmas pt 10

Title: A CIKH Christmas pt 10
Characters: Ten/Master, Can I Keep Him Universe
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters....
A/N: Offering a bit of Holiday cheer to my flist: a story in drabble format. Enjoy the season.

“I thought you said slight misunderstanding,” shouted the Master, ducking and dodging a snow cannonball that exploded with a loud ker-thwunk and left them momentarily lost in a white cloud.

“If we can make that low wall,” panted the Doctor, pointing forward and pulling even with the Master.

His words were cut off as the two Time Lords leaped atop the row of ice blocks only to discover a steep slope on the other side.

They tumbled head over heels.

Arms and legs windmilled in a sea of white that followed them downhill, burying them at the bottom.


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Jan. 14th, 2010 12:17 am (UTC)

Now that's a great image!

Of course they're probably running for their lives. ;)

I hope you decide to continue this!
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