souleswanderer (souleswanderer) wrote,

A CIKH Christmas pt 8

Title: A CIKH Christmas pt 8
Characters: Ten/Master, Can I Keep Him Universe
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters....
A/N: Offering a bit of Holiday cheer to my flist: a story in drabble format. Enjoy the season.

“Beyond those doors we'll find nothing but snowflakes, glacial fields, and the North Pole!” the Doctor said, throwing open the door and disappearing outside with a twirl of his long jacket.

The Master craned his neck trying to catch a glimpse beyond the doorway without having to move.

He flinched as the door slammed shut cutting off the Doctor's cry of dismay.

For a long moment he stared at the doorway, debating his options when the Doctor poked his head back inside.

“Just like I thought, nothing but snowflakes and glacial fields.”

The Master waited for the rest.

Tags: cikh, doctor who, drabble, master, ten
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