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A CIKH Christmas pt 6

Title: A CIKH Christmas pt 6
Characters: Ten/Master, Can I Keep Him Universe
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters....
A/N: Offering a bit of Holiday cheer to my flist: a story in drabble format. Enjoy the season.

“How could I have been so blind? I should have figured it out right away, that we were on the wrong hemisphere. The South Pole, being opposite the North Pole,” the Doctor stopped, not only to catch his breath, but to contemplate the intricacies of the universe, “receives the sunlight leaving the North Pole in a state of virtual night during the winter months. Any schoolboy would have been well aware of that fact.”

The Doctor continued chastising himself as the TARDIS rocked, signaling the start of a new journey.

The rotor whined loudly, and the Master sulked.


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Jan. 10th, 2010 01:49 am (UTC)
Heh. The imagine of a sulking Master is rather adorable, isn't it? It's kind of like petting a rapid pit bull.

Off to read more!
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