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A CIKH Christmas pt 5

Title: A CIKH Christmas pt 5
Characters: Ten/Master, Can I Keep Him Universe
Rating: pg
Disclaimer: Don't own the characters....
A/N: Offering a bit of Holiday cheer to my flist: a story in drabble format. Enjoy the season.

“South Pole,” the Doctor muttered, turning in a slow circle as he surveyed the barren fields of white stretching out before him.

“South Pole,” he said again, testing the words against the scenery while rubbing the back of his neck.

“I'm sure I set the relative transmogrifier polarity before entering the coordinates.” His brow furrowed and one could almost detect the rapid calculations going on inside his head.

“Hah!” He slapped his forehead and sprinted towards the TARDIS. “Sunlight. December. Of course. You're right,” he said, slamming the door behind him, then readjusting the controls.


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Jan. 10th, 2010 01:48 am (UTC)
Oh, Doctor. *facepalm* Not exactly the best pilot, is he?

I'm so sorry for my late reviews. I've missed your drabbles!
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